Chewies and treats from Spain

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Well, hello, dog fans. I am still here. It got pretty hot there for a while. It didn’t change my routine much. Sleep, wake, go out for a pee, writhe in the bed, eat, sleep again, follow the other mother everywhere she goes, stealth farting, go out for a walk, rest, eat, crazy dog time, nap, go out for a pee, sleep. Occasionally there is a bath thrown in.

Where do you think you’re going?

Yesterday I got a chewy and stayed in my cage for a couple of hours, whilst the other mother and family went out to do errands. I do like my cage, it is restful and smells of chewies past and present.

Treats, mosquito repellent, and fine airline swag.

We got a box of Spanish treats! I approve heartily of the chicken flavored dog treats.

Thanks, family, I miss you all. These people mean well but they are just not the same.  I do enjoy their yard, though.


In search of some good stink.


3 thoughts on “Chewies and treats from Spain

  1. I’m so sorry, we should have warned you about the box! We sent it from Ronda, which was….like June 11? We sent you all our mosquito repellent wipes that we had for Dakar because we didn’t need them anymore…save them for camping in October! WTF else was in there? Dog treats, gin and tonic from the plane, stuff from business class like socks (!), reusable bag from the Prado, MINT FLAVORED KLEENEX, bullfight card, an angry owl coin purse with an angry owl cookie inside (we should probably post about that…), weird couscous from Dakar…I can’t remember what else. I can only say that we have another box to mail in the next day or two with an even more amazing collection of random bullshit that you will all love. I am only sorry that these boxes do not have a fez in them, because a fez is the best thing to get in the mail from travelling friends.


  2. Also! Post a picture of the very excellent Garden of Earthly Delights wine glass votive shade! And did I send the extremely creepy postcard of the Spanish royal family? And! The caramels were from the gift shop at the royal palace in Madrid.


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