I leave my mark.

Canine ruminations, Cute dog pictures

I’ve been itchy.  I have been given baths but I am still itchy.  Perhaps it’s that shedding time of year?

My hair shows up nicely against the teal sheets!

I remain adorable.  You must admit.

Cozy is as cozy does.

In other news, the other mother and the stoop father broke into the gintonics!


It is gray and overcast today.  I plan on staying as bundled up as possible on my blankie.

Dot on couch

My security blanket!


Another day, another walk.

Canine ruminations

Yesterday was Liam’s birthday. We walked down to my house to get an ice cream cake for him. Here I am with Owen in the living room.

Why do you keep taking pictures of us?

All is well, and the house has been cleaned! Only a few pieces of stray mail, and Doug assures us that the garbage cans are taken care of. Dora left a little note, for you Spanish speakers out there.

The house smells bleachy fresh!

I enjoy the walks home, always. I found a little sun in which to bask.

I am alert as ever. Nothing gets past me.

Back at the other home, and cozy in bed next to the other mother, a.k.a. my large squishy heating pad.

Well excuse you. Please put the blanket back down.

My house is full of science experiments.

Canine ruminations

It has been relatively uneventful here. I sleep in the other mother’s bed. I get up.  I go to the yard, scratch in the grass, bark at the neighbor dogs, do my business.  I eat breakfast.  If given the chance, I go back to sleep again!  That’s the best.  Otherwise, I sit next to whosoever on the couch to absorb their warmth.

At least once a day, I go for a walk with someone.  Yesterday, the other mother took me out.  We walked down 19th Street, and I was all ready to go visit my stoop-father Plev! I ran up his stairs as we passed.  But that was not our destination.

Stoop-father, where are you?


I am the queen of this stoop.

Ah home sweet home! It was delightful to return.  There were no people, though, just science experiments left behind in the different rooms.

Something’s growing in there.

This looks like vinegar and fly soup.

I would probably drink the water, given the chance.

I was a bit sad after investigating the house and finding none of my family.  At least my resting spot provided some comfort.

I would prefer some sun here.

It Takes a Village to Care For a Dog.

Cute dog pictures

My first day with the other family was spent by the side of the other mother. I had a good appetite, and ate all my breakfast and dinner. Lots of teenagers came over. Everyone pitched in to take care of me. Clay and Liam took me for a walk. And Kaela gave me a bath! She noticed that I was itchy. I nibbled all day on last night’s chewy.


Hey, she offered a bath, I accepted. I am less itchy now.

I was restless early this morning, and had to rouse the other mother not once, but twice for trips out to the garden.  Today I am home with Liam and Owen and the cats.

I’m keeping my distance from that thing!


This is my comfy spot.