Stealth farting is my specialty. 


Pee – yew! 

Blame the other mother. She let me lick her spaghetti plate.


Coexisting with cats.

Canine ruminations

It is exhausting living in the same house with cats. They are so weird. One moment they are hissing, the next they try to sit next to me. The gray one and I will occasionally hang out close to each other. The tan one avoids me like the plague. The best thing about the cats are the morsels of food they leave behind in their bowls.


I think it wants to play. So weird.


It Takes a Village to Care For a Dog.

Cute dog pictures

My first day with the other family was spent by the side of the other mother. I had a good appetite, and ate all my breakfast and dinner. Lots of teenagers came over. Everyone pitched in to take care of me. Clay and Liam took me for a walk. And Kaela gave me a bath! She noticed that I was itchy. I nibbled all day on last night’s chewy.


Hey, she offered a bath, I accepted. I am less itchy now.

I was restless early this morning, and had to rouse the other mother not once, but twice for trips out to the garden.  Today I am home with Liam and Owen and the cats.

I’m keeping my distance from that thing!


This is my comfy spot.