Pride, and the dog that got away.

Canine ruminations, Cute dog pictures

Happy LGBTQIA Pride, from the heart of the San Francisco festivities. I went to my house for the Dyke March. People came over, and dogs came over.

Dolores Pride

The scene at the park.

Stoop dogs

The scene on the stoop. Bruno was there.

It was a bit much for me. However, a nice boy named Takeo gave me a lot of love until the other mother arrived.

Takeo n Murphy

Why would anyone pet a dog who isn’t me?

The other mother walked me home among the throngs of vomiting revelers. In the midst of the crowd, on the corner of Church & 18th, I walked straight into it: the most beautiful bacon wrapped hot dog that I have ever seen, just laying there on the sidewalk, as if waiting for me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I seized the succulent dog in my teeth and proceeded to try and eat the whole thing on the spot. I got about a third of it chewed off, but it was such a big mouthful that it kept getting in the way of my windpipe. Gobble, cough, hack, repeat. The other mother had the gall to pull me away from my luscious greasy prize. She said I had had enough. The nerve of some people.

Beautiful bacon dog

It looked just like this! Without the toothpick.

Today, I went for 2 walks, had a bath, begged shamelessly for chicken, and finally got to lick the pan!

 All mine!

The other mother made do with gintonics.

First of the evening: Gin Mare and FT Light tonic, with a squeeze of orange.

Mare n FT light

It’s other mother approved.

Second: Walter Collective and FT Bitter Lemon.

Walter Bitter Lemon

An excellent combination.



Coexisting with cats.

Canine ruminations

It is exhausting living in the same house with cats. They are so weird. One moment they are hissing, the next they try to sit next to me. The gray one and I will occasionally hang out close to each other. The tan one avoids me like the plague. The best thing about the cats are the morsels of food they leave behind in their bowls.


I think it wants to play. So weird.


Que dramatica, edicion perra

Canine ruminations

In this installment of Que Dramatica, we hop continents and focus on our furry friend Dottie. The most dramatic dog in all of California lets it be known that her breakfast is not to her liking. Perhaps she will enjoy it better if the other mother feeds it to her by the spoonful.

I can't even bear to look at you right now.

I can’t even bear to look at you right now.

The offending meal. I wish I was kidding about the spoon feeding.

The offending meal. I wish I was kidding about the spoon feeding.