Coexisting with cats.

Canine ruminations

It is exhausting living in the same house with cats. They are so weird. One moment they are hissing, the next they try to sit next to me. The gray one and I will occasionally hang out close to each other. The tan one avoids me like the plague. The best thing about the cats are the morsels of food they leave behind in their bowls.


I think it wants to play. So weird.



My house is full of science experiments.

Canine ruminations

It has been relatively uneventful here. I sleep in the other mother’s bed. I get up.  I go to the yard, scratch in the grass, bark at the neighbor dogs, do my business.  I eat breakfast.  If given the chance, I go back to sleep again!  That’s the best.  Otherwise, I sit next to whosoever on the couch to absorb their warmth.

At least once a day, I go for a walk with someone.  Yesterday, the other mother took me out.  We walked down 19th Street, and I was all ready to go visit my stoop-father Plev! I ran up his stairs as we passed.  But that was not our destination.

Stoop-father, where are you?


I am the queen of this stoop.

Ah home sweet home! It was delightful to return.  There were no people, though, just science experiments left behind in the different rooms.

Something’s growing in there.

This looks like vinegar and fly soup.

I would probably drink the water, given the chance.

I was a bit sad after investigating the house and finding none of my family.  At least my resting spot provided some comfort.

I would prefer some sun here.