Pride, and the dog that got away.

Canine ruminations, Cute dog pictures

Happy LGBTQIA Pride, from the heart of the San Francisco festivities. I went to my house for the Dyke March. People came over, and dogs came over.

Dolores Pride

The scene at the park.

Stoop dogs

The scene on the stoop. Bruno was there.

It was a bit much for me. However, a nice boy named Takeo gave me a lot of love until the other mother arrived.

Takeo n Murphy

Why would anyone pet a dog who isn’t me?

The other mother walked me home among the throngs of vomiting revelers. In the midst of the crowd, on the corner of Church & 18th, I walked straight into it: the most beautiful bacon wrapped hot dog that I have ever seen, just laying there on the sidewalk, as if waiting for me. I couldn’t believe my luck. I seized the succulent dog in my teeth and proceeded to try and eat the whole thing on the spot. I got about a third of it chewed off, but it was such a big mouthful that it kept getting in the way of my windpipe. Gobble, cough, hack, repeat. The other mother had the gall to pull me away from my luscious greasy prize. She said I had had enough. The nerve of some people.

Beautiful bacon dog

It looked just like this! Without the toothpick.

Today, I went for 2 walks, had a bath, begged shamelessly for chicken, and finally got to lick the pan!

 All mine!

The other mother made do with gintonics.

First of the evening: Gin Mare and FT Light tonic, with a squeeze of orange.

Mare n FT light

It’s other mother approved.

Second: Walter Collective and FT Bitter Lemon.

Walter Bitter Lemon

An excellent combination.



Chewies and treats from Spain

Canine ruminations, Cute dog pictures

Well, hello, dog fans. I am still here. It got pretty hot there for a while. It didn’t change my routine much. Sleep, wake, go out for a pee, writhe in the bed, eat, sleep again, follow the other mother everywhere she goes, stealth farting, go out for a walk, rest, eat, crazy dog time, nap, go out for a pee, sleep. Occasionally there is a bath thrown in.

Where do you think you’re going?

Yesterday I got a chewy and stayed in my cage for a couple of hours, whilst the other mother and family went out to do errands. I do like my cage, it is restful and smells of chewies past and present.

Treats, mosquito repellent, and fine airline swag.

We got a box of Spanish treats! I approve heartily of the chicken flavored dog treats.

Thanks, family, I miss you all. These people mean well but they are just not the same.  I do enjoy their yard, though.


In search of some good stink.

European treats!

Canine ruminations, Cute dog pictures

Monday started off cloudy and unpromising.  We did what we do every Monday, went out for breakfast at Squat and Gobble.  The other mother made me wear my fleece jacket.  I hate wearing it, but it definitely cuts back on my shivering in the cold wind.

I got a little nibble of lox. No yummy cream cheese, darn it!

I got a little nibble of lox. No yummy cream cheese, darn it!

When we got home, what did we receive?  A box of treats from Europe!  I especially loved the Italian jerky sticks for dogs.

Loot crate from Turkey & Italy!

Loot crate from Turkey & Italy!

I ate the jerky stick in 5 seconds. Yum.

I ate the jerky stick in 5 seconds. Yum.

I miss my family.  They are loud and smelly and numerous and they have a delightful lack of cats with which to compete for affection. The other mother has become very stingy with the treats and table scraps.  I nevertheless adore her and follow her around constantly, like her witchcraft familiar.  My favorite place is wherever she is.

I wish she would stop dressing me up, though.

I wish she would stop dressing me up, though.